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1. Amaranth(Rajgara) Grains and Flour:

You can make a light khidchi using amaranth grains if you are eating one meal in the day. A porridge can be tried as a breakfast option. You can use the flour to make light chappatis.

2. Raw Banana:

Make a sabzi with raw bananas for a filling lunch. Fries and raw banana cutlets are also a good option to try. shakarkandi, Vegetables like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, colocassia, raw banana, raw papaya,suran, Ratalu, pumpkin and jackfruit also can be used to make cutlets.

3. Coconut and Coconut Milk Preparations:

conut flour and coconut milk can be good companions through your fasting routine. Being a versatile fruit, coconut can be used in the making of a variety of dishes, especially desserts. Make coconut kheer or crepes and pancakes using coconut flour. Add a drizzle of honey and fresh fruits to finish your dish.

4. Milk and Milk Products:

You can experiment with milk and its many forms. Milkshakes made with fruits like strawberries, melons and bananas can be filling while keeping you hydrated. Curd can be used as a base to make an evening snack. Use a few spoons of hung curd and add chopped fruits like apples, pear and grapes to it. Add a spoonful of honey and your bowl full of goodness is ready. It’s light, fresh and the chewing action will make you feel satiated for longer.

5. Dry Fruits, Seeds and Nuts:

Don’t neglect dry fruits and look beyond almonds and walnuts. Dates, raisins and dried apricots all make for good munching options. Dried fruits like dates can be heavy if eaten in large quantities, so stick to one a day.

6.Sabudana Khichdi:

Made from tapioca spheres or pearls it is one of the most eaten dishes during Navratri fasting. One can add a variety of ingredients to it, including peanuts and coriander to it to make it tastier. It acts as an energy booster.

7.Water chestnut halwa:(Shinghoda No Shiro):

A popular special during the fasting period, singhara atta halwa can be made using the flour, sugar and ghee, topped with chunky nuts and lots of dry fruits.

8.Sabudana Kheer:

Another dish made with tapioca, it can be flavoured with nuts and is a good dessert to have.

9.Roasted Makhana:

Fox nuts are something that can be had during Navratri. They can be added to kheer or made into a savoury side-dish as well. People like having them roasted with rock salt as well

10.Atta Puri made from Rajgara/Kuttu:

Best had with fried potato fritters, they are another popular fasting food.

11.Potato with mild spices:

Since Navratri fasting prohibits eating legumes and lentils, vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, kand(Ratalu) and suran are permissible. They are another popular edible during Navratri.

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