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People who are taking multiple medicines/ drugs for their health problem should be cautious about Food and Drug interactions. Such interaction can lead to either toxicity of drug or reduce effect of drug in body.

Here are some basic tips while taking prescription or non-prescription drugs:
  • Don’t mix medications into food unless advised - It is advisable to keep some gap between food and drug intake unless advised by doctor because acid or minerals in certain foods can alter effects of some drug ingredients.
  • Do not crush or break medicines without consulting doctor as it can destroy special coatings that protect your stomach or affect release of medication in body.
  • Read the label and all printed information given with drug if required. Nonprescription products print information on the package.
  • Don’t mix medicine into hot liquids as Heat can destroy some drug ingredients.
  • Avoid alcohol - Alcohol can increase or reduce a drug’s effects or increase side effects.
  • Don’t take a vitamin and antacids (anti acidity medicines) at the same time without doctor advice
  • Tell your doctor if you’re taking herbal/ Ayurvedic supplements - Many herbal/Ayurvedic supplements have known interactions with allopathic medications interactions. While you’re on medications, check with your doctor or pharmacist before adding herbal supplements.

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