Diabetes Pearls

What is diabetes remission

Remission is defined as sustained metabolic improvement, normal blood sugar levels with HbA1c less than 6.5 for at least 3 months in the absence of anti-diabetes medicines. So,

What is diabetes reversal (Cure)

Cure and reversal in diabetes are often used interchangeably with remission but they are not same terms.

  • Diabetes “reversal” is more of a process of returning to blood glucose levels below those pre-defined levels to diagnose diabetes. However it doesn’t specify about further support/interventions needed to prevent high blood sugars. Research is ongoing to define and monitor diabetes reversal.
  • Diabetes “cure” suggests that all aspects of diabetes are completely normalized and that no further follow-up, care, or treatment is needed to prevent high blood sugar and other complications of diabetes.
  • There is no cure for diabetes at present.

How can u achieve remission in diabetes:

Remission suggests that the disease would remain latent/inactive as long as the patients maintain certain conditions like

  • Lifestyle changes & exercise
  • Diet control & weight loss.
  • Remission can also be achieved with medical intervention like
  • Endoscopic procedure/ intervention
  • Metabolic or Weight loss surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

ડાયાબિટીસની દવાઓની ગેરહાજરીમાં ઓછામાં ઓછા 3 મહિના માટે સતત HbA1c 6.5 થી ઓછું લોહીમાં શર્કરાનું સામાન્ય સ્તર

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